Friday, March 16, 2018

Meltdown Festival shows update

Sold Out shows: Nine Inch Nails, My Bloody Valentine, Placebo, Deftones, Manic Street Preachers.

Low Availability: 65daysofstatic, Kristin Hersh.

All remaining tickets are on sale here.

Updates on 'Torn Down' and 'Mixed Up'

Resident Music has posted more details about the 2 releases for Record Store Day 2018. Both are listed for £32.99, and here are the track lists:

'Torn Down'
Presented as a 2LP picture disc set in a die-cut gatefold sleeve with a download voucher.

A1: Three Imaginary Boys – Help Me Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:21 )
A2: M – Attack Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:07 )
A3: The Drowning Man – Bright Birds Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:29 )
A4: A Strange Day – Drowning Waves Mix by Robert Smith ( 5:05 )

B1: Just One Kiss – Remember Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:57 )
B2: Shake Dog Shake – New Blood Mix by Robert Smith ( 5:11 )
B3: A Night Like This – Hello Goodbye Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:24 )
B4: Like Cockatoos – Lonely In The Rain Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:49 )

C1: Plainsong – Edge Of The World Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:33 )
C2: Never Enough – Time To Kill Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:34 )
C3: From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea – Love In Vain Mix by Robert Smith ( 6:21 )
C4: Want – Time Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:44 )

D1: The Last Day of Summer – 31st August Mix by Robert Smith ( 5:44 )
D2: Cut Here – If Only Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:25 )
D3: Lost – Found Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:59 )
D4: It’s Over – Whisper Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:54 )

'Mixed Up'
Now presented for the first time as double picture disc set in a gatefold sleeve with a download voucher.

A1: Lullaby  – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster ( 7:43 )
A2: Close To Me – Closer Mix – 2018 remaster ( 5:44 )
A3: Fascination Street – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster ( 8:47 )

B1: The Walk – Everything Mix – 2018 remaster ( 5:27 )
B2: Lovesong – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:19 )
B3: A Forest – Tree Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:55 )

C1: Pictures of You – Extended Dub Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:41 )
C2: Hot Hot Hot!!! – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster ( 7:01 )
C3: Why Can’t I Be You ? – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster ( 8:07 )

D1: The Caterpillar – Flicker Mix – 2018 remaster (  5:40 )
D2: Inbetween Days – Shiver Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:22 )
D3: Never Enough – Big Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:07 )

Thanks, Benj.

Trent and Atticus talk about Meltdown Festival

More Meltdown announcements on April 10th

From the Meltdown FAQ:
Are The Cure or Robert Smith playing?

We have released the entire confirmed line-up that has been booked, which does not currently include Robert Smith or The Cure. However, further gigs will be announced on 10 April, including the final two Royal Festival Hall bookings.

Update (March 16th, 2018): "Just had email from Southbank Centre, confirming that more acts for Meltdown festival will be announced at 10am on Tues 10th April. Tickets on sale to members 10am, Friday 13th April." Thanks, @mattsmudge.

Also, Nine Inch Nails have confirmed one more band. Black Moth Super Rainbow will be opening for them.

New tour dates for Reeves

March 16th, 2018 - Dallas, Texas at Double Wide
Tickets / Facebook Event Page

March 19th, 2018 - Houston, Texas at Dan Electros Guitar Bar
Tickets / Facebook Event Page

March 21st, 2018 - Eureka Springs, Arkansas at Chelsea's Corner Cafe & Bar
$10 tickets!!!! Purchase at the door night of, or email me to reserve yours today @
Facebook Event Page

Update (March 16th, 2018): Reeves has added a special SXSW show in Austin.

"Robert" 's 1st tweet

As @slicingeyeballs pointed out, it isn't ALL CAPS, so probably just his social media person, not actually Robert. And Robert has said that the only place he actually posts updates himself is Not Twitter or Facebook or anywhere else.

Update (March 16th, 2018): The @RobertSmith and @thecure accounts have finally been verified. Now you know that any other accounts claiming to be Robert or The Cure are fakes. If you're ever in doubt, check for the verification check mark. Unfortunately, the @reevesgabrels account, which has recently had to deal with an imposter trying to scam fans, is still waiting. Get on that, Twitter!

Give Me It

Tim Pope at r7al film festival

Reeves' Dirtbike is Guitar Player Editors' pick

Reeves talks about Bowie's 'Earthling'

From Team Rock:

David Bowie's Earthling: Where Led Zeppelin meets Won't Get Fooled Again

As well as playing guitar on the album, you were Bowie’s co-producer and co-writer on Earthling. What was the aim with that record?

There was talk that the album was jumping on the drum’n’bass bandwagon, but it’s more influenced by what came to be called electronica. David loved [electronic artists] Photek and Tricky. Those influences were in the air at the time. I never told David this, but in my head I was thinking more of Won’t Get Fooled Again – the muscular rock band with sequential information.

How did the songwriting collaboration work between the two of you?

We were both into collages. I had gotten into Pro Tools [sound recording and production software], sampling – which now seem like ancient technology. So I’d create these electronic sequences, we’d dump them into the computer, sit in the studio with our little travel guitars, and play and sing against the backing track. The other thing, both of us were art-school kids, so we loved the Burroughs cut-up method. Lyrically, David had been doing it by hand for years. And then a friend came up with a Mac program called the Verbasizer. All you had to do was put in a paragraph and it would shuffle it up. So ‘It will end in tears’ might come out as ‘It will end in chrome’ [laughs].

Read the full article at Team Rock.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Cure in WLIR Documentary

From Rolling Stone:

" 'Dare to Be Different': See New Doc on Radio Station That Broke U2, Cure in U.S.

"Mainstream American music wasn't breaking new bounds ... WLIR fueled something loud, smelly and different," Billy Idol says in clip

The new documentary about the influential Long Island radio station WLIR is coming to Showtime on March 30th. New Wave: Dare to Be Different focuses on how the station helped break some of the biggest British bands of the Eighties like U2, the Cure, the Smiths, New Order, Duran Duran and Depeche Mode in the United States.

Dare to Be Different features interviews with WLIR program director Denis McNamara, other members of the station crew and an array of artists including Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Depeche Mode and Erasure's Vince Clarke and the B-52's Fred Schneider. "

Lol Tolhurst is also interviewed.

Underground Meltdown

After Show Party in London on July 7th

The Cure After Show Party
With DJ Frankie D & Guests
July 7th, 2018 at 11 PM
Electrowerkz at 7 Torrens Street, EC1V 1NQ London
Facebook Event Page
Thanks, @chriswhite65

Check out Topographies

Lol's son, Gray Tolhurst, has a new band called Topographies. They have just released a new video for their song 'Pink Thoughts', which you can watch above. I love it! If you like what you hear, check them out and give them a follow on these sites:
Bandcamp / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

And go see them at their upcoming shows:

Apr 13 Whistle Stop San Diego, CA

Apr 18 Elbo Room San Francisco, CA

Jun 17 Echoplex Los Angeles, CA

Pearl update

Pearl's website has moved to and the Instagram account is now 113percentstrange.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

'Mixed Up' & 'Torn Down' for Record Store Day

"Limited Edition Double LP Picture Disc set of The Cure’s 1990 remix album Mixed Up. Featuring nine remixes of their hits including "Lullaby", "Close to Me", "Pictures of You", "Love Song", "Why Can’t I Be You?"  Newly remastered in 2018 by Robert Smith. On vinyl for the very first time exclusively for Record Store Day 2018. Worldwide run of 7750."

"Robert Smith has remastered The Cure's remix album from 1990. Now presented for the first time as double picture disc set in a gatefold sleeve with a download voucher."

US Link / UK Link

"Sixteen new remixes by Robert Smith of classic Cure tracks including "Three Imaginary Boys", "Just One Kiss" and "Never Enough". On vinyl for the very first time exclusively for Record Store Day 2018. Worldwide run of 7750."

"First time on vinyl for 16 new mixes by Robert Smith. Presented as a 2LP picture disc set in a die-cut gatefold sleeve with a download voucher."

Side 1
1. Three Imaginary Boys
2. M
3. The Drowning Man
4. A Strange Day

Side 2
1. Just One Kiss
2. Shake Dog Shake
3. A Night Like This
4. Like Cockatoos

Side 3
1. Plainsong
2. Never Enough
3. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
4. Want

Side 4
1. The Last Day Of Summer
2. Cut Here
3. Lost
4. It's Over

US Link / UK Link

Record Store Day is April 21st, 2018, and they will be available at participating stores.

Also, as of now, 'Torn Down' looks to be getting a wide release, though probably not as a picture disc, on June 8th, 2018. This has not been officially confirmed, but Universal has a listing for it. No word on a wide release for 'Mixed Up' yet.

Robert Smith's Meltdown

A post shared by ... (@onthisday_thecure) on

Royal Festival Hall

June 15th - Psychedelic Furs and The Church

June 16th - Placebo

June 17th - The Libertines

June 18th - ?

June 19th - Manic Street Preachers and The Anchoress

June 20th - Deftones

June 21st - Mogwai and Kathryn Joseph

June 22nd - Nine Inch Nails and Black Moth Super Rainbow

June 23rd - My Bloody Valentine

June 24th - ?

Queen Elizabeth Hall⠀

June 15th - 65daysofstatic

June 16th - The Notwist

June 17th - Alcest

June 18th - ?

June 19th - ?

June 20th - ?

June 21st - Kristin Hersh

June 22nd - Mono

June 23rd - ?

June 24th - ?

More shows, artists, and events to be announced soon.

Official announcement from Southbank Centre.

Tickets for Southbank Centre members go on sale March 13th, and to the general public on March 15th.

Robert's Meltdown playlist on Spotify.

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Thanks, @maccatori and @onthisday_thecure.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Record Store Day rumors

Update (03/05/18):  According to the list posted at The Future Heart, 'Mixed Up' is limited to 7,000 copies, and 'Torn Down' is a picture disc and also limited to 7,000 copies.

As Chris White pointed out over the weekend, Universal UK has a 'Torn Down' vinyl listed for release on June 8th. Cat no - 6743092 UPC 00602567430926.
Would think that's the regular non-picture disc release. No word on a CD release yet, but maybe that would be a bonus disc with a remastered 'Mixed Up' CD? Should know something very soon.

Original post (03/03/18): The Record Store Day rumors have started, and there are hints of 2 Cure releases this year (both listed on Amazon France) - Mixed Up and Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras.

The track listing for 'Torn Down':

Side 1
1. Three Imaginary Boys
2. M
3. The Drowning Man
4. A Strange Day

Side 2
1. Just One Kiss
2. Shake Dog Shake
3. A Night Like This
4. Like Cockatoos

Side 3
1. Plainsong
2. Never Enough
3. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
4. Want

Side 4
1. The Last Day Of Summer
2. Cut Here
3. Lost
4. It's Over

The official list comes out March 6th, so not long to wait to see if this is true or not. Record Store Day is April 21st this year. Thanks Alastair and James.

Ellen Page plays Cure Song or Zombie Movie

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Robert Smith's Meltdown line-up and tickets

From the Southbank Centre email:

Robert Smith's Meltdown
FRI 15 – SUN 24 JUN

Stand by as next week we announce the line-up for Robert Smith's Meltdown.

Tickets go on sale to Members on Tuesday 13 March. For your best chance to get tickets, join today.

Robert on future David Bowie tribute album?

From L.A. Weekly: "He (Mick Garson) also reveals that he’s planning to record a tribute album down the road, with superstars including Duran Duran’s Simon LeBon and The Cure’s Robert Smith already expressing interest."

Keep Calm and listen to The Cure

"You have to be particularly stupid to believe someone like me"

Robert’s urgent demand for video nasties

The greatest story ever! To me. :)

From Dangerous Minds:

"In a recently unearthed 25-year-old fax to Elektra Records’ Howard Thompson, The Cure’s Robert Smith makes the “urgent” plea for a stack of awesomely-gory horror and exploitation VHS tapes.

Smith, who had planned to go shopping for movies in New York City, found himself without a day off when an extra show was added to their tour (believed to be the 1992 tour based on the dates and font on the fax). To make up for lost shopping time, he had a fax sent to Elektra asking for A Clockwork Orange, Driller Killer, I Spit on Your Grave, Last House on the Left, Bloodsucking Freaks, Filthy Rich, Faster Pussycat! Kill!... Kill! and “maybe a couple of others you could recommend in the splatter-cannibal she-devil vein.” These movies would have been unavailable in England at the time due to Parliament passing the Video Recordings Act of 1984.

Smith had excellent taste in sleaze.

Former Elektra Records head of A&R, Howard Thompson, posted the old fax to his Instagram account, so it does appear to be authentic."

Howard asked people not to share his post, not that it stopped others, so I can't post it here, unfortunately. But you can see it on Howard's Instagram here.

Simon on Michael Ciravolo's 'Man of Faith'

Listen to 39 seconds of 'Man of Faith' from Michael Ciravolo's album 'Beauty in Chaos', featuring Simon Gallup on bass and Wayne Hussey from The Mission on vocals.

Michael talks about Simon: "What can I say… simply my fav bass player of all time (well just after my wife ☺).   Simply Blessed to have him on this track, such a ‘Simon’ bass line too!  While he’s not much for social media presence, you can follow THE CURE here.  There is also a cool fan run page here.

Big thank you to Simon’s son, Eden for tracking his dad in his studio.  Please check out Eden’s band Violet Vendetta.

Finally there are some alcohol-fueled ‘rumors’ that this collaboration may have rekindled a side project between Simon and Mr. Hussey.  You all can thank me later ☺"

Videos from Jason's masterclass

Watch the videos here and here.

'Boys Don't Cry' BBC4 special

Free guitar lesson from Reeves

Spanish version of 'Cured' in November

New Cure book out this Spring

Photo Exhibit June 14th-July 9th in London

Step Into The Light photo exhibit

Crawley Museum planning Cure exhibit for July

SUE's Top 100 songs of 1982

The Cure placed 5 songs on Slicing Up Eyeball's Top 100 Songs of 1982 poll:

#12 - Lets Go To Bed
#45 - The Hanging Garden
#47 - One Hundred Years
#50 - A Strange Day
#76 - The Figurehead

The Killers cover 'Push'

"In their Salt Lake City show last night (Feb. 6th, 2018), Brandon Flowers of The Killers told a story about how his "conversion" to music happened when he attended his first concert: The Cure in Salt Lake City during the Wish Tour. He described that concert as his "baptism" onto the path of being a musician. They then played a cover of Push in honor of playing in the same venue where he experienced his conversion at The Cure concert." Thanks, Jared.

Wolf Alice mash-up Charli XCX with The Cure

Fangasm: Pornography

From Drowned in Sound:

"It doesn't matter if we all die" declares Robert Smith by way of introduction, kicking The Cure's most desolate 45 minutes into life in the process.

Choosing a favourite Cure album is like trying to decide which pair of socks to wear or what breakfast cereal to start the day with. It can change at any given time for no particular reason, yet if all the votes were counted over the course of a lifetime one would remain in pole position. That record is Pornography, an album that appeared somewhat out of the blue upon its arrival in the summer of 1982.

Prior to its release, The Cure had been something of an anomaly. Not aggressive or heavy enough for those still suffering a hangover from punk, not arty enough for the new romantics, not eccentric enough for the new wave. Of course "post-punk" wasn't a thing back then; in many commentators' eyes punk was still a thing, albeit an underground fad mostly dominated by belligerent working-class youths disillusioned with Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative government. The relationship between music and politics was probably at its height, with bands like The Clash still active and 2 Tone Records continuing to break down racial barriers even after The Specials' dissolution.

The Cure didn't fit in with any scene back then and probably never have. They existed on their own terms, impossible to pigeonhole, although many have tried. Even prior to Pornography their appearances on Top Of The Pops stood out like proverbial sore thumbs. Having made their debut on the show in April 1980 with 'A Forest' and followed it up almost twelve months to the day with 'Primary', both minor hits with the former briefly bothering the lower end of the Top 40 while the latter stalled just outside, no one could have predicted they'd go onto become one of the most influential bands of their generation.

Read the rest at Drowned in Sound.

10 Famous Musicians Who Had To Struggle With Phobias

From Ultimate Guitar:

Robert Smith of the Cure, too, once had a fear of flying. Not that he’s managed to cope with his phobia, but rather because there was no phobia, at all. As he later confessed to Blender magazine, "Around the time of Disintegration, we were so in demand that I figured if I said I was scared of flying, we could cut down the number of things that I did… So for about three years, 1989 to 1992, I kept the pretense that I had this phobia about flying."

37 real-life couples that cozied up in music videos

From Yahoo:

30. Robert Smith & Mary Smith
Few people know much about the longtime wife of the Cure’s Robert Smith, other than her equally generic name, Mary Smith. But you can catch a quick glimpse of her in the “Just Like Heaven” video — she’s the pale-skinned, black-haired lass dancing in Robert’s arms during the guitar solo. Childhood sweethearts, the two have been married since 1988, and certainly seem made for each other. They even have matching hair!

Lol and Pearl in the studio together

Deep in the woods, Something is stirring..

A post shared by Lol Tolhurst (@lol.tolhurst) on

Lol & Pearl remix MGT

From Post-Punk: "Goth-rock duo MGT has teamed up with former/founding members of The Cure, Lol Tolhurst and Pearl Thompson, for a remix, standalone single, dubbed “The Assembly Line (Cured Mix).” The track can be streamed now at The new single is accompanied by a b-side track, also reworked by Tolhurst, “All The Broken Things (Lol Tolhurst Remix).”

"We enjoyed adding our light and shade to MGT’s new album with our contributions to the “Assembly Line” – getting us warmed up for our further adventures this year too!” – Lol Tolhurst and Pearl Thompson

“So pleased to have collaborated with these legends.. a huge influence on our music.. the moment we heard Lol’s and Pearl’s instrumentation on the song I was amazed how Curesque it sounded! You’ve got 50% of the original and classic Cure lineup right there… sounds brilliant” – Mark Gemini Thwaite

New interview with Lol

Read the interview here.

20th anniversary of Smithra vs. Mecha-Streisand

From Post-Punk:

"South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are admittedly huge Cure fans who got Robert Smith himself to voice his cameo on the show.

Smith later told SPIN that his nieces and nephews were huge fans of the show and stated that:

“of all the things I’ve done, all the people I’ve met, it all counts for nothing compared to being on South Park.”

Read the full article at Post-Punk.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Robert to curate this year's Meltdown Festival

From Southbank Centre:

"I am honoured and excited to be curating the 25th Meltdown Festival. More than 30 of my all-time favourite artists - some of the most exciting, inspirational, intense and influential performers of the last 40 years - will make sure this ten-night extravaganza is the ‘must see’ event of the summer!" - Robert Smith

"Robert Smith is the perfect artist to help us celebrate our silver jubilee Meltdown. Over a career spanning four decades, he has achieved globally-recognised excellence, paving the way for the alternative and the uncategorisable." - Bengi Unsal, Southbank Centre Senior Contemporary Music Programmer

The speculation is over, now the anticipation can begin, as we’re delighted to announce Robert Smith as the curator of Meltdown 2018. And he has already promised a packed line-up of unique performances here at Southbank Centre from 15-24 June 2018 as we celebrate the 25th edition of the iconic festival.

The Cure frontman follows in some pretty remarkable and diverse footsteps as Meltdown curator. From British composer George Benjamin in 1993 to rapper record producer and activist M.I.A. in 2017, 24 legendary artists have gone before Smith, each putting their own special stamp on the festival as they delivered their own Meltdown vision.

Lead singer, guitarist, lyricist and principal songwriter of The Cure, Smith is the group’s only constant member since their formation in 1978. One of popular music’s defining bands and an international phenomenon, The Cure took the sound of alternative rock sound mainstream and have continued to influence popular culture over a staggeringly successful 40-year career.

Beyond The Cure, Smith is of course a highly influential and talented musician in his own right. A recipient of an Ivor Novello Award for International Achievement he has performed and recorded with a huge breadth of musical talent including David Bowie, Blink 182, The Stranglers, Crystal Castles, Junkie XL, Faithless, Korn, and Placebo.

This is a significant year for Meltdown at Southbank Centre. Not only does the longest running artist-curated music festival in the UK celebrate its 25th year, but it will also be the first major festival to take place across our freshly refurbished site, making use of the newly re-opened Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room.

Robert Smith’s Meltdown takes place at Southbank Centre on 15-24 June 2018. Further acts and ticket details will be announced in the coming weeks. To be first in line for tickets, become a Southbank Centre member.

Note: Robert is curating Meltdown, meaning he's in charge of picking the bands, putting the lineups together, etc, but don't expect The Cure to play there. Remember, the Hyde Park show is being advertised as the band's only European show of 2018.
They could go back on that, but I wouldn't think so. However, it wouldn't be too surprising for Robert to join some of the bands for a song or something. We'll see.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Congratulations, Reeves and Susan!

Could not be happier for Reeves and Susan, on this, their wedding day! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness together! Hope you have a beautiful day! Cheers!
Read their wonderful story from the New York Times:

‘Maybe in Another Life’ Becomes Now

By NINA REYES JAN. 6, 2018

Susan Van Wie Kastan and Reeves Gabrels are to be married Jan. 7 in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. The Rev. Joy Burke, an interfaith minister, is to officiate at her home.

The bride, 62, will take her husband’s name. She is a marketing communications consultant in Troy, N.Y. She was also a contributor to “Philanthropic Foundations: New Scholarship, New Possibilities,” (Indiana University Press, 1999). She graduated from Dartmouth and received a master’s degree in history and education from Columbia.

She is a daughter of the late Mary Van Wie Johnson and the late J. Allen Van Wie, who lived in Troy. The bride’s father was the owner J. A. Van Wie Insurance, an independent insurance agency that was in Troy. Her mother was the bookkeeper for her husband’s insurance agency.

The groom, 61, has been a guitarist in the British alternative-rock band the Cure since 2012. He also has his own band, Reeves Gabrels and His Imaginary Friends, and released an album, “Imaginary Friends Live,” in October. Before joining the Cure, he had a longtime collaboration with the late David Bowie, with whom he worked as a guitarist, co-writer, co-producer and musical director. Ms. Kastan is the business manager for her husband.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Last chance for Hyde Park tickets